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A sewer scope will ensure that your home has a healthy plumbing system with no nasty surprises!

Running water and sewer lines that drain properly are two of the most essential things in your home. Don’t risk thousands of dollars and the potential frustration and inconvenience of dealing with one of the most expensive home systems to repair. 


A sewer scope with us involves running a camera down the main sewer line to the point where the line ties into the sewer system. The camera will capture a recorded video as it travels down the line. As the camera travels, we will be evaluating the condition of the line and will point out any defects such as cracks, root intrusion, collapse, or blockage.

We offer sewer scopes with home inspections or as stand alone appointments.




Sample Sewer Scope Video

Overall, this sewer line is in good, serviceable condition with minor items to note. There is root intrusion, slight blockages, and build up throughout the line that will need to be cleaned/augured. There is a major blockage in this line around 78 feet. This blockage will need to be augured by a qualified professional to remove. This will most likely need to be done on a regular basis without chemical treatments. There is also a slight separation and belly in the line about 30 feet in that should be monitored for back-ups or further separation and repaired if necessary.

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